UpNorthica Eats: Baking with a Jello-Mold Oven

Dessert is one of the comforts from home that many of us enjoy after our evening meals around the campfire.  Baking them, however can feel intimidating.

Through online message boards we discovered the Jello-Mold oven and started baking with it.  We were intrigued by the ability to make an outdoor oven ourselves with minimal cost.

At home preparations.

We picked up an 8″ aluminum jello-mold pan from the local thrift shop for a buck.  Plainest one we could find.  Yes, its a funny looking pan, but the hole in the center allows for even heating and baking.

Use a 8″ aluminum pie or cake pan for the lid.

Make or buy your own favorite dry-mix baking treat.  You can make nearly anything you can bake at home. We like brownies, biscuits and gravy or blueberry muffins.

Pack any wet ingredients separately.  You can find many mixes where you just add water.

At the campsite.

Build a campfire and allow it to burn long enough so that you have nice hot coals. If you can’t hold your hand over the grill for more than 4 seconds it may be too hot.  Too much smoke or flame will ruin the recipe as well.

Grease the Jello-Mold according to your recipe directions.

Add your mix, and top with pie or cake lid.

When we’re in the Boundary waters, we heap a pile of hot coals under the grill.   The pan is placed about  5-7 inches from the hot coals on top of the grill.

We found that cook time is similar to cook time at home.  Check your baking periodically.

When baking is done, carefully remove Jello-Mold remove from heat.  If you’re making a dessert, let it cool 5-10 minutes, then either scoop out the treat or invert it into the pie pan.

Most everything takes on the ring shape, but is still just as tasty.

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4 Responses to UpNorthica Eats: Baking with a Jello-Mold Oven

  1. woolybear says:

    So do you heap coals in the center or just set the whole pan on the fire? I’m not understanding why you chose this particular pan shape.

  2. Pam says:


    In the Boundary Waters, we heap our coals under the grill, right below where the pan will be. You want the pan on top of the fire grill, about 5 inches away from the hot coals.

    If your trying this at home, and don’t already have a grate on your fire pit, you can buy free standing ones pretty cheap.

    The shape of the pan aids in even baking and heat distribution.

    Hope that helps. Let us know what you make.

  3. Karen Anderson says:

    Actually, that’s an angelfood cake pan–probably a better choice, since the metal is made for baking.

  4. Skmdtraikul says:

    Actually I think you had it at the first three lines maybe adding good’ berfoe white Christian >KBThank you for following me, I hope my posts will keep your interest.

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