Winter Camping Symposium 2010

The Winter Camping Symposium is almost here and looks to be a good one.  The event will be held October 22-24 at the YMCA Camp Miller, 45 minutes south of Duluth.

Each year has an interesting blend of speakers, workshops, gear to check out and this year will include many choices.  But if you twisted our arms, we’d say that these are some we’d like to catch.

Mule Manship 101

Donald Kevilus has owns and uses mules for many years.  Come hear this intriguing talk about how mules can fit into wilderness tripping.   Bring your friends and ol’ Number 7 too.

The Modern Micro Yurt

Michael Maruska and his brother Brian have begun to make a name for themselves by creating their own winter camping gear.  You can bet you’re going to see some pretty unique stuff.

Across the Arctic Divide and the Plight of the Barren-Ground Caribou

Be awed by adventurer Rob Kesselring’s epic 750 mile, unsupported canoe trip through the Northwest Territories this past summer. His tales are interesting, filled with meaning and enriching to the soul.  Plus, he’s kinda funny.

Pack your Mukluks.  We’ll see you there.  Go here for registration info.

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