Western Wall Teton Tent


Interested in a nicely made, reasonably priced, canvas-sided tent?  We thought so.

We’re intrigued by Western Wall’s 12×12 Teton 4-season tent.  Roomy enough to sleep four, it’s constructed of water resistant and mildew treated canvas. It can be also made with flame retardant material.  You’ll be able to dance a jig with up to 7′ 11″ of headroom.  Two screened windows will help you decide whether to brave the cold or stay inside and play Yahtzee.  The roof features a built-in stove pipe shield and flap.  Weighs 64 pounds. But what caught our attention was the price.  At $629.00 it seems like pretty good deal, especially when you consider other wall tent prices.  With this kind of savings, you could also pickup a wood stove. They currently offer free shipping.

MSRP $629.00
Buy here.

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