Review: Outdoor Herbivore Basil Walnut Penne


A flickering campfire with wine and pasta?  You bet.  We sampled Outdoor Herbivore’s Basil Walnut Penne.  A medley of minced basil and chopped walnuts in a creamy sauce.  It smelled good cooking. But how did it taste?   Earthy with some nice depth.  The subtle taste of basil comes through and the crumbled walnuts provided nice texture.  Flavors of milled flax and garlic were enjoyable. Usually we’re not big fans of whole wheat pasta, but this tasted fine. The kit comes with packets of salt, pepper and olive oil.  We added just a titch more salt.

The package recommends a 10 minute cook time. We suggest you adjust the length of it.  In our test it needed an additional 5 minutes of simmering, as the pasta was too chewy and sauce too wet.  The extra time allowed the pasta to cook through and the sauce to get really creamy.  We suspect that with cooler weather, the pasta would require additional heating time. We shared this as a light meal, it would be ample for one person.  Overall this is a meal we would fancy again.

Serving Size: 1-2
Net Wt: 6.8 oz
Cook time: 10 min.
Calories: 820 per serving
Contains wheat and nuts.

Take it up a notch! Dust with fresh Parmesan cheese and toss in some cannellini beans.
Meat lover? Top with shredded chicken.

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