Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012, Part Two


What gear will you be dying to get in 2012? Here’s our second installment of top picks from the recent Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City.

Now that the show is over, we’ve gathered the biggest buzz-generating items, keeping in mind You, the quintessential canoe camper. Enjoy.

Bending Branches Black Pearl
The paddle masters from Osceola, MN proudly held up their Black Pearl, the latest addition to their high-tech arsenal. The all-carbon touring-style blade, carbon composite shaft and newly-tweaked ergonomic handle are all pluses. But the paddle’s unthinkably-light weight of 14oz, completes the whole ‘less is more’ equation here.

Via Duluth Pack Molly.

Pictured: Nova Craft's Muskoka 15'

Nova Craft: Trapper, Teddy and Muskoka
Nova Craft has some interesting models that simultaneously offer the best of old and new. Though based on a mid-century wood and canvas design from Chestnut Canoe Company, the Trapper 12′ is no old-timer. Offered in kevlar, fiberglass, and Royalex, the craft is fully prepared for the 21st century.
The Teddy 12′ has the same hull, but with an extra seat for the kids.
Also newer is the Muskoka; a wider, easy-on-the-eyes recreational canoe geared for the cabin-dweller.

Via Paddling Life.

Light My Fire Fireknife
We love multi-function. So we’d very much like to meet the Fireknife from Light My Fire. On one end, the 3.9-inch stainless steel blade; on the other, a Swedish Firestarter that plugs into the handle (kind of like a removable pommel.) And what could be better than a knife that throws sparks? The Fireknife will be available in October with an MSRP of $35.

Via Uncooped.

Adventure Medical Kits’ SOL Escape Bivvy
‘Member those ‘emergency space blankets’ found in survival kits? Despite their effectiveness, sleeping under them can get a little humid. Enter the SOL. The 10-oz bivvy sack acts as a protective cocoon against the elements, while at the same time allowing condensation to escape from within, according to AMK. This might be ideal for ultralight zealots and adventure racers. Shoot, at $50, this might be ideal for a lot of people…

Via Gear Junkie.

LittleLife Ultralight Convertible Child Carrier

I’ll say it: I hate child carriers. Unwieldy and ugly as they are, sometimes bringing them on a hike is a necessary evil. But perhaps no longer, with LittleLife out of the U.K. Products like the Ultralight Convertible are tastefully and thoughtfully designed. Its slim-line frame and anchor point provide safety, while the fully-padded backsystem prove they haven’t forgotten about you, the pack mule. If your passenger feels like walking themselves for a while, the pack zips up as a self-contained daysack. This one is available now, too.

Via Adventure In Progress.

SteriPEN Freedom
Until there’s a water sterilization app for the iPhone, SteriPEN continues to offer smaller and smarter ways to keep hydration safe in the wild. The Freedom is quite noticeably their smallest and lightest purifier yet. And it still uses UV radiation to automagically make all the microbial baddies in your water, disappear at a rate of about 90 seconds per liter. But it’s also SteriPEN’s first rechargeable model; moreover, it juices up via a USB cable, AC outlet, or even with certain compatible solar chargers. A few shakes of the device will also turn on the bulb, so it can double as a flashlight in a pinch. This last touch seems a little iffy to us; we could see a lot of unintentional activations as one shakes excess water off…

Via Trailspace.

Journey Bars
Still hungry for more? How about something besides gorp as your trail lunch? Journey Bar is a line of savory – not sweet – energy bars that had many OR attendees asking for seconds. With flavors like Wasabi Ginger and Coconut Curry, our curiosity (and appetite) is piqued. Journey Bars are actually available now; we’re ordering some for an upcoming trip.

Via Trailspace.

[Lead photo via Outdoor Retailer.]

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  1. Sensizlik says:

    Wow that’s serious cimpnag! Hiking in and all. We (I) prefer car cimpnag where we can just drive up to our spot and not have to carry all our stuff in. hehehe.Darwin LOVES the mud too. We just went on a hike this weekend, and while we don’t let her roll in it, she loves to run through the mud puddles getting mud everywhere!

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