UpNorthica’s Gift Guide: Outdoors-Inspired Art


Bring a bit of the outdoors to your inside spaces. We’ve put together a selection of outstanding, well-priced artwork for you to give or receive. Wake up each morning to a stand of birches?  We like that.

Canoes $24
Print from original painting on archival paper.
Rachel Austin

Tents $35
Belinda Kemp
Giclee reproduction, archival print from original acrylic painting on wood.

The Canoers $22
Screen print on archival paper.
Brian Geihl

Lacebark Pine $7

Archival print of ink and digital.

Shattered Reflection, Reeds Lake $25
Photographic print on archival paper.
Deb Scudder

We’re Happy Here $12
Archival print from original pen and ink drawing with digital coloring.
Maggy O’Reilly

Fifty-Two Rings On A Tree $30
Original hand-pulled etching on archival paper.
Amber Perrodin

New Growth $45
Archival print from original painting.
Danna Ray

Swirling Spores $10
Screen print made from original drawing on archival paper.
Elise Towie Snow

Backpack $39
Original ink and watercolor sketch on archival paper.
David Lloyd

White Pine $30
Giclee print from digital image.
Reid Peterson

Modern Birch $15
Digital print on matte cotton stock.
Noelle O’Reilly

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One Response to UpNorthica’s Gift Guide: Outdoors-Inspired Art

  1. joe says:

    Very cool, would be nice in an office to look at and escape for a moment.


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