GoPicnic Ready To Eat Meals


Mix up your trail eats with these flavorful (and healthy), shelf-stable meals!

Remember those processed cheese squares that we wedged between heavily-salted crackers for a quick lunch? Ok, so maybe you were luckier, but we suffered through some nasty meals. Now there are much better versions, plus the options and quality have come a long way.

ready to eat meals caught out attention. They offer single-serving boxes, packed with options like chili lime salmon, olive oil and sea salt crackers. Sides, such as dry roasted edamame or ginger fruit and nut mix, make for a filling meal. And because we grown-ups like something sweet, each meal is packaged with sweets like almond roca buttercrunch toffee or a double chocolate cookie. Those choices have got our stomachs grumbling.

Not into stuff too green or gourmet? They also make classic, deli-style meals, but made better for you. The turkey pepperoni slices with Asiago cheese spread sound hearty. Good ol’ Wisconsin beef sticks will satisfy meat eaters (and picky kids).

These non-refrigerated meals would be a great option for day hikes or weekend getaways when you don’t want to spend time preparing a big meal. We’d use them when we’re skiing backcountry all day. We like that they have great options for diets that are gluten-free, kosher, vegan and vegetarian. When there are plenty of crummy offerings out there, its nice to see a company that doesn’t pack their products with additives or preservatives. Meals have at least 9 grams of protein and as much as 25. Good fuel to take you many more miles.

How about you? What tasty options would you choose?

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