3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Skin This Winter

Winter temperatures and northerly winds can turn your skin into a crusty, red, mess. We’ve got a few easy ways to save your hide.

Facing harsh and unforgiving weather is commonplace here in the north. We encounter it weekly as we head out for a night time ski or take the kids snowshoeing at a local state park. As a result, our skin takes a beating, but we’ve found ways to minimize the impact (besides staying indoors).

Here are our picks for protection. Your skin twill breathe a sigh of relief this winter.

Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly
It’s our go-to product on days where we need light coverage. Just a small amount rubbed on our face protected us on days of skiing into the wind. It’s made with non-petroleum ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil and vitamin E. Light coverage will still allow your skin to breath, but like the ‘ol fashioned stuff you can go overboard if your not careful. After hours of exposure our skin still felt protected and soft. Heck, we use it on all of our extremities.

Seirus Neofleece Scarf
Sick of flimsy ski masks? The Neofleece kept us warm and comfortable whether it was snowshoeing or winter camping. The fleece and neoprene face guard kept us dry and allowed us to breathe easily without huge accumulations of ice chunks. It provided full coverage without shifting around. Velcro tab closure adjust while allowing the mask to be taken off quickly when you start to heat up.

Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm

Our lips used to peel so much that we could’ve donated the skin. Hat’s off to Burt’s Bees for providing a solution. We coat our kissers with their moisturizing balm. Our lips felt immediate from the camphor and menthol. The clove oil provided a few hours of lip coverage and left no waxy residue. Guys and gals will appreciate the non-flowery scent of cloves.

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