Clean Water Petition to Be Delivered Via Dogsled


Advocates for clean water in the Boundary Waters are determined to make themselves heard — with the help of sled dogs.

Despite the cancellation of the Beargrease marathon, sled dogs sure are making plenty of headlines this winter. This time though, it’s not for prize money, nor to qualify for the Iditarod.

Former legislator and Grand Marais-area dogsled racer Frank Moe plans to mush from northern Minnesota to the State Capitol this March. His cargo will be a petition which aims to protect the Boundary Waters from the potential hazards of sulfide mining.

The online petition, penned by the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, resolves that no such mining operations be permitted in the state, should they present a risk to the state’s natural resources and heritage.

And it doesn’t mince words on its supporting arguments. Take this one:

The history of sulfide mining is one of environmental disaster, and there is no evidence that mining for copper, nickel, and other non-ferrous (non-iron) metals from sulfide rock in Northern Minnesota can be done without harming Minnesota’s fresh water resources, fish, plants, wildlife and human health…

A series of video shorts are also being posted on the page for the petition. Each features interviews with scientific experts, as well as local business and land owners.

Weather and snow depths allowing, Moe’s 8-day journey will take place in early March. The petition will be delivered to lawmakers at the Capitol.

Should you sign it? Hey, we won’t tell you how to live your life. But should you read it and watch the videos? And tell your friends to do the same? You absolutely must. Several times, if that’s what it takes.

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3 Responses to Clean Water Petition to Be Delivered Via Dogsled

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  2. john says:

    I have been coming to the Boundary Waters since 1956. It is an international treasure and strong measures must be taken to preserve its pristine character. Steps should be taken so that its pure waters remain pure. The proposed sulfide mine threatens Boundary Waters and should not be approved.

  3. Lori J. Solseth says:

    Can’t we just leave some places alone? Money is not everything. Life sustaining water needs to be protected. Sanctity for life should take precedence always before all other things. If the earth, trees, clean air and water were valued first, we would all be better off.

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