March Gear Giveaway: Swedish FireSteel 2.0


UPDATE: Our winner for the giveaway is Brian Smith. Congrats, Brian!

That’s right, one of our favorite tools is up for grabs: a Swedish FireSteel 2.0 from Light My Fire.

No more fretting over waterproof matches you hope to Heaven, are good on their claims. This dependable magnesium fire starter is compact, easy to use, and absolutely more fun than using wooden matches. A nylon cord holds the steel and magnesium parts together, and there’s even an emergency whistle built in (let’s hope you don’t have to use that).

How to enter for your chance to win.

It’s easy. Head on over to Light My Fire’s web site and check out some of their other products. You’ll find several firestarting tinder products, a pretty wicked knife/firestarter combo, and more. Then, come back here and, in the comments area below, tell us what caught your interest.

At the end of the week, we’ll announce the winner here, as well as on UpNorthica’s Facebook page. Good luck!

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19 Responses to March Gear Giveaway: Swedish FireSteel 2.0

  1. Joren Kandel says:

    The Swedish FireKnife caught my attention immediately! I love those colorful sheaths/grips and the little flame logo. The fact that the firesteel is part of the handle is awesome, and the thumb grips on the rubber look really nice for ergonomics/design. What a sweet combo tool, I love it! Definitely will be on my list of gear to invest in for this upcoming summer’s adventures!

  2. DrFaulken says:

    Hands down, the Swedish Fire Knife:

    Mora is a well-respected brand within a community I belong to, and I like tools that have more than one function.

    I can’t seem to find this blade for sale on Amazon or anywhere else; I think there was a prior product with the same name that is just a folder :(

  3. Thomas says:

    I agree, that Swedish FireKnife with the firesteel in the handle is awesome! Really cool combo tool!

  4. Dan Clevette says:

    I want the fire knife too. That is awesome! I may have to go buy whether I win or not.

  5. Bryan Hansel says:

    The Mora knife looks pretty sweet. I have one of their knives and it’s a really great knife. I think I paid $14 for it. Well worth it.

    But, I really like the spork. We have a couple:

  6. Michael Wildschut says:

    I was impressed by the harness, a simple, easy way to carry the mealkit especially if you want easy access to it.

  7. Dennis Ahl says:

    I want the knife i really like it!!!!! Could put it to use!!

  8. Betty Chin-Wu says:

    The Swedish FireKnife is awesome, definitely the coolest looking knife I’ve seen!

  9. Jill says:

    I love the Swedish Fire Knife. I have been bugging my husband about getting a fire starter for a while and that knife is awesome!

  10. jessica says:

    The fire knife and spill free cup!

  11. David Engebretson says:

    The mora fireknife looks like a great tool! I have an older mora that has never let me down. I can only imagine how awesome the firenife is. What a neat idea!

  12. Brian Smith says:

    The Swedish FireSteel 2.0 is one of those must have things in your hiking bag. It does not matter if it’s wet or dry the FireSteel will spark every time. I would not think about leaving home for an outdoor venture with out my FireSteel. Its light and can fit anywhere you need it too, and you will have the peace if mind knowing fire is only a few strikes away. If you have not tried this product yet, pick one up before you set off for your next trip. It could just be the tool that saves your life. The Swedish FireSteel 2.0 its a must for any outdoorsy person.

  13. Inna says:

    Whoa! That Swedish fire knife is awesome!! Would love to win!

  14. Ben K. says:

    The Swedish Fire Knife is pretty sweet!

  15. Jill says:

    The Swedish FireKnife is really sweet. My son would love it.

  16. Vickie Haverkamp says:

    I actually like the swedish fire steel. The Fire knife is pretty “sharp” looking but for me the smaller one would be more practical. I like it because it is smaller and would fit in just about any pocket on me. I am thank ful that my partner had one last year when we capsized in mid may and that is what got the fire going to dry/warm us :)

  17. Derek Brehm says:

    Like most everyone the fire knife is amazing!

  18. Dave says:

    Fireknife is cool, but my old standby from them is the spork.

  19. Camp System says:

    Thanks for your nice post. Two things I like about the post, one it is straight forward and two it does not attempt to promote anyone’s position particularly. Great job Andy.

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