UpNorthica T-Shirts Are Here! Nab Yourself One for Free


Just in time for Canoecopia, we’ve uncrated a batch of UpNorthica schwag.

We can’t wait to spread the love with these white long-sleeve tees. And what better time to do it, than while at Canoecopia, sharing our Wabakimi wildfire story.

So here’s the deal: If you’re attending Canoecopia this weekend, look for us in our UpNorthica shirts. When you spot us, come say hello and tell us the name of your favorite lake in the BWCA. The first 5 people to do this will get a free shirt – simple as that!

Hope to see you there, but don’t worry. If you can’t make it to Madison this weekend, we’ll be giving more away throughout the year.

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4 Responses to UpNorthica T-Shirts Are Here! Nab Yourself One for Free

  1. Lisa Banning Ender says:

    T-shirts look fabulous, Pam, Wish I was going. Hope everything goes GREAT!

  2. joe says:

    Great looking shirt.


  3. Greg says:

    Where can I buy one of those awesome shirts?

  4. Camp System says:

    This is very beneficial information. I also like “UpNorthica T-Shirts Are Here! Nab Yourself One for Free” for the title. Thank you for the info Andy.

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