Loons Return to the Gunflint and The Outfitter Report


Everyone wants to get back on the water; see who’s been doing it. Plus, some interesting moose sightings, and more.

Our crazy early Spring has everyone itching to get on the lakes again. Which is never bad news for a BWCA outfitter. But the return of the loons is the true sign of the season. Growing numbers of the state bird have been spied in recent days along the Gunflint, reports the Trail Association, who says the “wailing call of the loon now frequently punctuates the night as the loons communicate during the midnight hours”. Can you hear it? We can, too.

A number of moose have been spotted, too (and yes, we know they’ve always been here). The Gunflint Trail blog has posted a ‘Where’s Waldo” shot of a cow in the woods. Mike and Lin at Rockwood Lodge & Outfitters investigated what a flock of ravens was up to, finding a moose carcass, and making some poignant observations.

And paddlers, too, have begun heading out on their first trips of the season. Sue at Tuscarora Lodge & Outfitters got a nice picture of a few canoeists heading out on Brant Lake.

While the Hansens (Sawbill Canoe Outfitters) have been vacationing in British Columbia, they too are spreading some paddling inspiration with video from a trip last Fall. Worth a look.

Hey, BW outfitters, got news to share? The Outfitter Report is about you and all the amazing, touching, inspiring things you see and do each day in the Boundary Waters. We want to hear from you! Drop us a line at today!

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