Drips, Trips, Tips and The Outfitter Report


It’s an extra-long summer kickoff report. There’s lots to catch up on, so dive in!

Only a few weeks ago, early-on campfire restrictions were in place and Ely was battling a wildfire. How quickly things can change! Repeated heavy rainfall has quelled much of the fire risk… and then some. It’s now water instead of fire, that seems to be the top of mind for many outfitters.

Rockwood Lodge has reported Poplar Lake’s high water levels, and noted water seeping out of the ground where it was bone dry just a short while ago. Not that rain has stopped them from numerous preparations for the season; building maintenance and assembling the summer crew have kept them busy as of late.

Things are bustling at Gunflint Lodge. Only just now has Gunflint Lake’s level stopped rising, they report. The long-delayed spring greening has finally arrived with the rains, berry blossoms included. And they, too, are ramping up for the season: Garden plantings for the Lodge’s kitchen, thoughts on the annual ‘first staff meeting’ and progress on their zipline construction (don’t miss the sneak peek view from the new canopy tour tower).

A break in the weather allowed a few Sawbill staffers to day trip around the Kelso loop. Jessica treated new crew member Britta to a view of the ever-mysterious dolmen (photos included). What’s a dolmen? You’ll have to check out the post!
Bill also shares some lovely historical pics of the Sawbill campground. And a little adventure involving hummingbirds. Nice to see how amidst all the summer prep work, outfitters still make time to savor the wonder all around them.

Expert advice and tips for free! Voyageur offers up some ideas if you only have time for a quick weekend trip to the BWCA (and in a separate post, a recommendation of their favorite brand of canoe).

Piragis has a very robust (read: boatload of helpful) post on Fishing with Kids. Starter skills, recommended lures, even a little bit of anecdotal goodness… What’s a talk about fishing without a good story somewhere in there?

On the topic of fishing, Spirit of the Wilderness has a fishing report up. It’s only a few days old; still worth a look if you’re heading up for a trip soon.

Chomping at the bit to head north yet? This’ll push you over the edge: We wrap up this Outfitters Report with a lovely bit of prose and pictures all about pines, brought to you by Rachel at Tuscarora.

Hey, BW outfitters, got news to share? The Outfitter Report is about you and all the amazing, touching, inspiring things you see and do each day in the Boundary Waters. We want to hear from you! Drop us a line at today!

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