Gear Review

Review: Snowpeak’s SnowMiner Headlamp/Lantern Combo


Lighting up both tent and trail with one source – can this headlamp do both, and do them well?  MORE >

3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Skin This Winter


Winter temperatures and northerly winds can turn your skin into a crusty, red, mess. We’ve got a few easy ways to save your hide. MORE >

Review: Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent


We’ve been on the quest for a two-person tent that is lightweight, has storage space for our gear and fits easily into our packs. MORE >

UpNorthica Reviews: Exped Downmat 7


We test out this different breed of air mattress. Is it fit enough to survive our scrutiny? MORE >

UpNorthica Reviews: Bending Branches’ Black Pearl


Featherlight, carbon fiber durability, fine-tuned ergonomics – is this paddle the treasure it boasts of being? MORE >

Gear Makers on Kickstarter


How many times have you been in the woods and realized your gear could be better, or even thought of new gear. MORE >

Gear Review: Katadyn Basecamp


Yes, you could drink from the lake and you’ll probably live to tell about it. MORE >

UpNorthica Reviews: Suunto A-30 Compass


So, you’ve got your June permit in hand and your route pretty well mapped. But have you figured out how you’re going to navigate your way around that endless horizon of water? MORE >

UpNorthica Reviews: Mutha Hubba HP 3 Person Tent


Dump us out in the woods with a match and strip us naked, but for heavens sake, make sure you leave us with MSR’s Mutha Hubba Tent HP.

Satisfying our wishes and expectations, this tent would be roomy for two and cozy (in a good way) for three people. MORE >

UpNorthica Reviews: Gear Tie


There were times, in the Darker Days of history, when bungee cord technology was available only to parachutists. Or when the now-ubiquitous carabiner was found neither in the daypacks of glampers, nor on the climbing belts of alpinists… but only on sailing ships.

Until one day, a random somebody in a pinch grabbed each of these to serve an unintended purpose. And hey! it worked better than anything else. So much better, that today these simple devices do everything from organizing keys and toting water bottles, to tethering unruly kids at the mall.

For several months, we’ve been testing out Gear Tie, a new product that touts hundreds – even thousands – of uses, on the trail and off. Could this hold a place in your everyday life?