Ski and Rappel Down a Frozen River

Want to follow in the footsteps of the Devil Track River? Guest blogger Lucas Will and friends give you a tour of this winter adventure route. MORE >


Say Hello to North Shore Expeditions

Looking for a good kayaking guide along the Lake Superior shoreline? Go with the guy who’s paddling out there nearly every flippin’ day. MORE >

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January Giveaway: Smartwool Cuffed Beanie

UPDATE: Hats off to reader “carl9son”, the winner of the Smartwool beanie. Thanks for entering, everyone. Hang in there for next month’s giveaway. MORE >


Review: Journey Bar

When it comes to sweet energy bars, there are enough options to fill a canoe. While planning our last trip, we came across something more savory. MORE >


More Wolf Sightings and the Outfitter Report

Plenty of snow continues to blanket northern Minnesota making winter enthusiasts happy. We spent the weekend up in Isabella skiing 20 miles of trail along the Flathorn system. Evidence of wildlife was everywhere. MORE >


Gunflint Mail Sled Dog Race Returns

Although the John Beargrease Sled Dog race along the north shore was cancelled due to lack of snow, local businesses along the Gunflint Trail came up with another plan. MORE >


New Dog Sled Race Announced and the Outfitter Report

Those living in the frozen North have much to look forward to these days: Trout, northern lights, and a newly-announced dog sled race. And more. Read on… MORE >


Winter Camping Near The Twin Cities

Each February, winter enthusiasts gather from all corners of the state to winter camp just a short drive from the Twin Cities metro area. MORE >


Radio Series Explores Lake Superior

North Shore Community Radio is kicking off a series about the history and culture of Lake Superior. MORE >


Catching Trout and the Outfitter Report

Contrary to news reports, there is snow in Minnesota. You just have to go north to find it. While the bears may be hibernating, there is plenty of activity happening in the north woods. MORE >