Andy Wright first sipped from the pure lakes of the Boundary Waters at the age of eight. Since then, he’s been infected with a love for paddling, camping, snowshoeing, hiking, cooking over fire and capturing the BWCAW’s natural beauty in his art.

Andy has participated in several adventure races; if you have too, you probably passed him early-on. He has also written for the Quetico-Superior Foundation. Email Andy.

Pam Wright would rather live in a tent, but the rest of her family is not quite as accommodating to the arrangement.

What began as a lark one year to appease her husband’s life-long desire to go back to the Boundary Waters of his childhood, she devised a trip as a gift to him, never having gone herself. Now she travels back regularly with her husband, kids, girlfriends…most anyone she can talk into hauling a pack.

Someday she’d love to live on the northern edge for good, but until then, fills her time thinking, reading, writing and scraping up every little morsel on the wilderness in her free time.

If paddling wasn’t enough, she also loves to cross-country ski, mountain bike, and cook over a fire. Email Pam.

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